Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I had to stop and stare when I saw this posted on Impulsive Buy's blog. For reals? Asian-Freakin' Hamburger-Helper. While, I have no qualms about Hamburger Helper. By all means, I love it. It got me through college, a whole lot, but this? I have no words. He gave it 6 out of 10. Would you try this?

Making for the 2nd time, Pioneer Woman's pasta carbonara. I looooved it the first time. Cept' I think I'll pass on the parsley. Don't know why many chefs says that it's an underrated herb, but honestly, I think it tastes bitter. Perhaps, I'm not cutting it tiny enough?

It's such an easy breezy recipe and full proof too! You can't go wrong. I promise.

I was a Bachelor addict during the first couple of seasons, but stopped watching it. I wished though, that I watched this latest season as there was major danger drama. Woah. Talk about dissed on national tv. " What a bastard!" --I quote.

Plans for my last day off: It's a girls day! Getting mani + pedi's and finally, getting to see Confessions of a Shopaholic with some of my girls.

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