Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Not My Baby!

Been thinking alot lately of getting Maddie spayed. She's at the ripe age where she can get it done. Thinking about it just makes me nervous. Don't want my love dubb to suffer and be in pain, which makes me wonder how I'd be when I have children. Such a worry wart, ain't I?

Our vet says that the cost to spay her will be about a couple of hundred dollars. Pretty steep, huh? Need to inquire if it's because they are going to do the" laser" procedure as opposed to using scalpel. I've been reading about "laser" procedures and it seems like its the best way to go.

On a sidenote, everytime, I see, hear, or even think of "laser", I think of Austin Powers. Remember how he did the quotation marks each time he said the word laser? Ok, Ok... nevermind.

Just finished watching the the last episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County where they are sitting down and just dishing it out with each other. Gawd, I'm sprung off this show and I have no idea why! I've come to realize that I absolutely loathe Tamra, have a love-hate relationship with Vicky, unsure about Jeana and adore Lynne and Gretchen.

Leaves me wondering if the Real Housewives of Atlanta are ever going to make a second appearance. I was obsessed with that show even more for its ghetto fabness.

Plans for the weekend. Have a fabulous Sweet 16 Ice Cream social with my fellow sorority sisters as we celebrate 16 years at our university. Can't believe it's been that long since our chapter has been established. Off to a whimsical baby shower for a good friend, bernbaby.

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