Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Paragraph(s) Update.

Been away making the money to survive and I finally got a couple of days to rest and recuperate before I go back again for another couple of nights.

Meeting with the tax girl this weekend. The dreaded tax time has once again popped up. I'm feeling a little bit more positive though this year. Thanks, Obama for the $7,500 first time house credit! I'm hoping it'll help us out tremendously.

The Coops is broke once again. Her arm, aka the right side passenger seat window, will not go down or up. So, she's back to the doctors this Friday along with her annual inspection. Gonna cost me a grip, but am not surprised though. She's German.

Brought Maddie out for the first time. She made her grand debut in Berkeley on one of our favorite streets to chill--4th Street. Was a proud mommy because she was well behaved. Leash walking, not to proud. She needs work on that, but it wasn't terribly bad for her first time out and about. Lots of people were just walking by petting her and she just gobbelled all the attention. What an attention whore!

Needed to purchase some poppy colored A2 envelopes for the BFF's shower invitations. Hence the visit to 4th Street. I'd like to include her favorite color in here somewhere. Now. I just need to find the perfect orange/white polka date paper so that I can line them.

Saw a diy cupcake stand link from PetiteMandoo {Thanks for the link!} and am thinking about taking a shot at it for the BFF's shower. May be getting her cupcakes for her shower and thought this would be a nice touch.

Making chicken parmsesan for dinner after seeing it on blogs.

This one is a bit more healthier as it's not fried, it's baked and with panko crumbs! Hmmm, can't wait!

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