Monday, June 1, 2009

Will It Ever End?

We had yet another busy weekend. Chock full of activities, even Maddie was pooped out and she's a 7 month old puppy!

We kicked off by partaking in celebrating my little brother's 25th birthday celebration. Little did he know that this was 1 of 3 of his birthday events. Heh. I still can't believe he's a whopping twenty five. Where did all the time go?

I remember how I was so scared for him on his first day of starting a new highschool. He knew all but 3 people and those were good family friends. But, I guess, I underestimated him and he was able to make numerous amount of friends.

We lounged at Sofia which is a smooth Italian looking restaurant. I liked the feel it gave once you entered. You immediately wanted to sip on a cool drink for some odd reason. Weird what some restaurants may do to your senses.

His girlfriend, Miss_Ube, threw a surprise birthday dinner turned into masquerede theme party for him. While we didn't attend the masquerade party because we are old farties, we did dine with them.

Next day, we attended the SPCA Doggy Dash of Sacramento at William Land Park. I as well as Maddie were smiling from ear to ear as soon as we arrived. There were 3,000 dogs in attendance, both large and small and no fights, surprisngly. Lots of cool dog vendors.

At first, we were like, " slooooow down, Maddie, " as she kept pulling us on her harness. But, eventually, she calmed down and just enjoyed the day with the other dogs. She got to wear her first shirt. A bit snug, but she still looked like a pretty dog.

At night, we kicked it at the Sacramento Rivercats game, a minor Triple AAA baseball team for the Oakland A's, with some our friends whom we call the Dubyah Association. We all share the same last names, hence the association coupled with the fact that many Chinese have an association, so heck why not form our little own, right?

Unfortunately, I was belittled to sit behind a lovely pimply, long nail-greasy haired dude that had the words, " White Pride" tatooed on his forearms. F. Meh. It was pure entertainment watching him and his familia. Oh yeah.

Sunday, we yet again celebrated my little brother's birthday but among the family and his and my friends. I love how we can all mesh like that.

Got the most awesome looking cake at Copenhagen Bakery in Burlingame, CA. It was awesome, because it had his freakin' image of him when he was 4 years old in a cowboy gettup. I'll have to post a picture of it soon, as I don't have an image on me. Grrr.

How was your weekend?

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Lisa Mani-Chang said...

You know deep down inside you wanted to comb your buddy's hair at the game. You know you wanted to. =P