Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Give me 2 seconds of bragging.....

Just received word that our wedding venue, Malibou Lake Mountain Club is going to be featured on TNT's new reality show, Wedding Day. We don't know exactly when the episode is suppose to air, but as soon as I know, believe me, I'll be putting that on blast for yah'll to see.

About the show: Every couple dreams of having the perfect wedding. For many, it’s the most important and emotional day of their lives. But for some, insurmountable obstacles create barriers to making their dream day a reality. WEDDING DAY is here to prove that a girl doesn’t have to be rich to have a wedding fit for a princess. In this uplifting series, deserving couples from all over the United States will get a helping hand to ensure the most important day of their lives is also the most magical. Each week, celebrity event planner and food expert Alan Dunn (For Better or Worse) and celebrity wedding planner Diann Valentine (author of Weddings Valentine Style) host as family, friends and community come together to create a dream wedding. Along the way, viewers will learn each couple’s compelling story, from their first date to the big day.

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