Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yet Another Weekend Roundup.

I'm trying to not just do the Weekend Roundup, but with my work schedule these days, it's kinda hard to blog during the week. I'm hibernating when I'm working hoping to just get through them.

So, here I am blogging yet another weekend roundup. We finally had a semi relaxing weekend as we were able to just lounge in our pj's all day on Sunday.

Friday night, the hubs and I had a double date night with another couple. We watched Up in 3D. I have to admit that I was a little bit nervous because recently within the past few months, every time I watched a movie, I would get all hot and start to get nauseated. The last time it really got bad was when we watched Marley and Me. I had to leave the theatre for some fresh air. The smell of " Clinique Happy" was getting the best of me a little bit too much, unfortunately.

Thankfully, nothing crazy like that happened this time around. Phew! Because, I really wanted to see and enjoy this movie.

Saturday, we headed over to my hometown and partaked in the celebration of my niece's highschool graduation. Strange feeling it is to see someone born and watch her grow up into a beautiful young woman. I hear myself quote what I always heard from my aunts/uncles growing up and that is, " Gosh, I remember when you were so small....blah blah blah.... I feel old... blah blah, blah... Do you guys find yourself saying the same things???

Sunday morning, I spontaneously decided to check out the Farmer's Market nearby. I kept hearing from a couple of friends that it was a great Farmer's Market. Looking at the reviews on Yelp sealed the deal and off we went looking all toe'd up. But, I didn't care. I figured, everyone else was going to look toe'd up since it was early in the morning.

We bought an array of stuff. We even bought farm fresh eggs for the first time! That night, the hubs made some stir fry with the bok choy we purchased and it was yummmmay! We are definitely going to try to make this a Sunday tradition.

How was your weekend?

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