Thursday, May 28, 2009

Together at Last.

When we purchased our 4 seater Klippan couch at Ikea, I was disappointed with the covers they offered. So basic. They offered black, blue, and two types of whites which makes me scratch my head because both whites look the same. {?}

So, I turned to the trusty ole' internet and ran into what looks like one of the only vendors that sells a variety, if not, cute Klippan colors and patterns. BEMZ is the name of the company. Sucks that it's based out of the UK because shipping is a bitch to pay. Tacks on another $100 just to ship the dang fabric.... can you believes????

Yes, there is Ebay, but it's very limited to certain colors like, barf pink. No offense to the pink colored couch owners. I'm sure it looks lovely in your casa.

Anyways, BEMZ sent me an email informing me of a lovely unity. BEMZ + Marimekko. Oh mah gaaawwwd. This is news. I heart Marimekko patterns. I want to spoon with them everytime I see such a pattern because they are just so bright, cheery, and makes you plain smile.

They start at a retail price of $289. Yowzers, I know! Kinda up there. But, hey, it's Marimekko, right? My favorite is the Prallini-Light Grey.

BEMZ does not only specialize in Klippan couch covers. It has covers for all Ikea couches. So, if you are looking to spruce up your Ikea couch with a bit of flair, you may want to check out BEMZ.

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