Monday, June 8, 2009

Facebook Relatives. Do You Have Any?

Seems like everybody and their mother is on Facebook these days. Like literally. Facebook is so much different from Myspace. It's census is opened up and has reached a variety people of ages, it seems, because I'm finding more and more "aunties" on my Facebook.

Still, at age 33 years old, I still find myself not wanting to add them for fear of having them see my life and reporting it to my parentals. Guess what? Well, I mightest well add all of my aunties now because my own father is on Facebook.

I guess it's kinda cool that his profile picture is of me and him walking down the aisle. Awww, right? But, it's just awkward to know that he's on Facebook and sees my days in and outs throughout my life. While, I have nothing to hide, except for the fact that I'm sometimes posting that I'm either drunk and/or cussing and dropping the F bombs. F, Speaking of which. F. Meh.

I took the initial step and asked him to be my " friend." Ironically, I'm on super stealth mode on FB. I can I have a public blog and be off the radar on FB? You can't even click on my name and partially see my profile.

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