Monday, June 15, 2009

Is There Such a Thing as a Dog Snob?

I can count the number of dog brand dry food on one had within a span of 7 months Maddie has gone through. I know. I know. I know what you all are already doing and saying after reading that sentence. Shame on me for changing up my puppy's diet so many times. Yeah, I know. I've read the literature and heard it from other dog owners. But, when your dog just isn't eating, you gots to do what you gots to do.

We started with Puppy Chow because her mother and siblings started off with that. I wasn't a happy camper feeding her this junk as the nutrient content was insane, so I got to split it with a bag of Science Diet her vet gave us for free on her first visit. She loooooved Science Diet, while I didn't. It was too much money for our wallet.

Then the husband's friend who is a vet, highly recommend Royal Canine which really didn't do much to our wallets either. That shiz could buy me a pair of shoes at the Nine West outlet! No lie! Yeah, she loved that too. Go figure.

So, we went the middle man route and got her a bag of Iams. Yeah, no. She grudgingly ate this stuff. Sometimes, she wouldn't eat all day until we reminded her to eat. So, we added some Kibbles n' Bits stuff that I felt guilty about because really, you mightest well throw in a cheeseburger into her meal because that's pretty much what it is. Ofcourse, she gobbled it all up. So, with the suggestion of my coworkers, I added chicken broth at times, some brown rice, even some chicken just to get her to eat her dam Iams food.

Scurry over to today. We just got sick and tired of it and bought her Science Diet and we are back to having a happy dog. She eats it on the dime. Whenever. Wherever. Jeez, I think we have a dog food snob on our hands.

By the way, Maddie was spayed on Thursday and I was a nervous wreck at work the night before and all day while waiting for her to be done. I felt so guilty. She's recovering well, thank goodness. I have to admit, her first day was really hard. She would cry silently to herself while lying down and all I could was just lay with her and pet her to calm her down. Poor baby.

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