Saturday, May 16, 2009

Community Supported Agriculture.

Lately, I've just been thinking how the disease, cancer, is such a common word nowadays. Seems like one knows a handful of people that has been affected by it and that scares me. A couple of good friends of mines said they fear the same thing and have been eating more organically and alot more healthier. More fish and vegetables; less meat.

This got me thinking. Really hard.

Then, a friend turned me onto the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and I was dam intrigued. She picks up a box of organically farm grown produce weekly and cooks dinner with it throughout the week. She said she just loves the fact that it's fresh, organic, and it's quite exciting to see what you are going to get each week and being to try produce that you wouldn't normally try.

Discussed this with the hubs and he was all for it, too. Sweeet! Love him.

Been researching various farms on which we should subscribe to. You can check out and see what farms are around you. I may be subscribing to Terra Firma Farms which is the one my friend subscribes to. They provide produce boxes 50 weeks of the year. Most farms offer their service from Jan-Nov. Plus, it seems like they are more reasonable priced. They are $59 a month, which breaks down to roughly $15 a week. They also provide recipes for some of the vegetables they give you that week which I think is pretty darn cool.

Do any of you subscribe to CSA farms?

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