Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend Roundup.

Busy, Busy Weekend for the Dubyah's. Moreso, because it was our First Year Wedding Anniversary. I still can't believe it's already been one year for us. I know this sounds cliche to say, but it really does feel as though it just happened yesterday.

Am I the ultimate sap when I say that I nearly come to tears when I lookback on our wedding day or even when I view the little video tidbits the event planner puts on Malibou Lake's fan page on Facebook?

I already received my wedding anniversary gift. Remember my Garmin watch? Love it by the way. Its able to tell me acurately how many miles I've ran using the GPS system built into it, calories burned, and I'm able to save my routes if I so happen to go on a different run route.

Since the first year anniversary is a "paper" theme, I gifted the hubs, a pair of season tickets to the Cal football games. Unfortunately, the tickets don't arrive till end of July, so I printed out a list of the home games. Kinda anti-climatic if you will. I think I was jumping up for joy as he was opening up his gift more than he was.

He opened his card, looked at the printout and was just staring at it for what felt like the loooooooooooongest 3 seconds of my life. I'm like, " DUDE, YOU JUST GOT SEASON TICKETS, YO!" WTH? Same something.

Call it shocked. Call it disbelief. Call it whatever. He said he loves his present and I can only believe him and hope that he really does.

The parents were so sweet and gifted us a digital frame to which they uploaded some snapshots of our wedding day. Loooove it! We have a digital frame, but never took it out of its box to use it. Now, I'm a huge fan of them. I feel so futuristic now.

You can upload videos which I plan on doing as soon as I figure how to do so. Heh. I'm really slooooooooooooow when it comes to technology, so hopefully, I'll get it up and running before the year ends.

As for the actual celebration of our One Year, we decided to celebrate it at one of our favorite restaurants, Ad Hoc in Yountville, California. Lucky us, got to nosh on leek salad, lobster rolls, and lemon pound cake with fresh blueberries and vanilla whipped cream.

Ofcourse, the hubs ran into one of his old college friends. Big, Big surprise, right? We even were seated right smack dab next to them. So, it made for a pretty conversational one year anniversary dinner. Gotta plug it in. His friend opened up a restaurant in San Francisco called, 5A5. We plan on checking it out sometime this year. He also hopes to open up a bakery, too, that specializes in cupcakes. Love.

On Saturday, the hubs, best woman, came up and we trotted around town. We ended up checking out the town of Locke, California to see the oldest Chinatown. It sure was a sight to see. Looked like a western movie set, except it wasn't.

Its pretty sad because they are in dire need of money to help continue restore the buildings. Gonna see what I can do, sorority-wise, to help raise funds for this place. I would hate for it to go away.

On Sunday, the family had a little small gathering. Sadly, no bbq {saved for the following weekend}, but we had a medly of take home dim sum, Popeye's chicken, Churro's, and homemade bolognese sauce that was brewing for like a gazillion hours. Random food items, I know, but it was all too yummy and I went home with NO stomache ache.

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