Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Heel, Maddie.

This weekend is a big weekend for Maddie. It'll be her first official doggie walk with other dogs and people. I'm a tad bit nervous as she tends to get "highly stimulated" when around other dogs and wants to play with them. Hence, the hubby saying, " You are walking her!" Ugh. Gee thanks, bub.

We've prepared for her walk by purchasing her a harness to keep her in control and have been walking her as much as we can to just get her used to the outside world and more importantly, her freakin' leash! It's been quite the adventure, I must say and alot of saying, " Maddie, NO!"

We are participating in the SPCA doggie dash at William Land Park in Sacramento, CA. I'm really looking forward to this walk primarily because I just looooove this park. I usually go jogging here with the Wendells.

The area is surrounded by beautiful and charming homes and the park itself is just cozy.

She'll be getting spayed on June 11th, by the way and I'm soooo nervous. I never really thought I'd be such a wreck when it comes to such a routine procedure. But, she's getting older ( she's 7 months, now!) and I know that she needs to get this done. Ugh. I'm going to need some love on this day as much as she needs love.

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