Sunday, July 26, 2009

Maddie vs. Cookie

Maddie had her first playdate with our friend's dog, Cookie.

Sidenote: What a name for a dog, huh? I mean, most dogs know the word "cookie" by treat and so if and ever you have to call Cookie in a place where there are tons of dogs, you are going to get alot of head side tilts with ears up. HAH.

Okay, enough digressing.

So, we wanted to have a playdate since a bunch of us are going camping in about a couple of weeks. Cookie and Maddie will be the dogs accompanying us and we are so ecstatic about it. I dont' even like camping but because Maddie is coming along, I can't wait. Weird, no?

This wasn't their first meeting. They actually met at a dog park and got along swell! But, ofcourse, there were other dogs amongst them and so it wasn't really a good gauge as to tell whether or not they really got along.

When Cookie first came over, high energy was between the two of them. We had to settle Cookie down a bit. She was abused by her previous owner and is going through alot of social rehab skills compliments by my friends who are doing a fine job if I must say so myself.

After a bit of calming down, a small walk in between to release the energy, all was fine in our house. Here's a video of them playing. Excuse the talking.

Click Here.

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