Wednesday, July 1, 2009

An Overdue Weekend Roundup.

Had me some girl time this past weekend. Long overdue. Was in dire need of some estrogen and people outside of work. I do enjoy my coworkers, but I feel as though I spend too much time with them (hello, 12 hours!). Need a break from the chaos.

We finally were able to set upon a date that amazingly didn't take too long to coordinate. Phew! Work, Family, and other social events have filled up our calendars throughout the summer months. Well, not mines, but everyone else's. I have no life. Heh.

Wanted to re-create the little tea shindig we had at a tea place and since a couple of the girls hadn't seen my new digs, it was held at my house. Fact: It was a blazing 100+ degree's outside. Call us insane for drinking hot tea. Problem solved by cranking up the AC.

I have to say that our little tea shindig went really well. A few of us are or starting to get into loose tea leaves, thanks to Bernbaby. We had an array of tea's to choose from. My favorite being a Black Tea with Lychee! Can I say yummm??? We also had Apricot, Bourbon with Vanilla, and Strawberry-Lemonade.

Our shindig also gave us the chance to meet each other's newest addition's. So stinkin' cute, no?

That night, the hubs and I watched The Hangover. We enjoyed it very much. So much, that I think my abdominal muscles were sore the next day from laughing so much and hard. Seriously, I was stretching the next two days. Ofcourse, we were excited to see Dr. Ken as always. Was a bit taken aback by his ahem, initial scene, but nevertheless, it was funny.

Sunday, we made a little trip to REI. Felt so "naturistic" and "outdoosey" the moment we pulled into the parking lot. Felt like I should have worn some teava's or keen's. Heh. Anyways, needed to stock up on some running gear and a little backpack for our little Maddie. We are taking a camping trip with some friends next month and I wanted to get her something for our hikes and such.

The pack comes in red or blue and being the die hard Cal fan he is, the hubs did not want to get our little girl Stanford red. Dam. Whatevs. Blue it was.

Man, when we put that pack on, she had this crazed look on her face. No lie! It's like she was saying, wtf? You want me to carry my shiz and YOUR shiz???? Seriously, look at her eyes. Crazy!!!!

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