Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh, Maddie.

Oh, Maddie. How I love thee. You are really lucky that you are one cute dog. That's pretty much what is going for you. All jokes aside, we really don't have it that bad. At least, we don't think so....yet. It's been a kind 9 months for us. Really. But, I think we jinxed ourselves by speaking to soon a few months ago and saying, " wow, she's a really good dog. she hasn't done that or that."

Bite me.

Seems like she's having a bit of some separation anxiety. I don't blame her. We are, after all, great companions. Heh.

First it started off with our shoes. Surprised us both since we've left our shoes out before for the longest time and she never once touched them. We were beginning to think we had THEE perfect dog. Yes, we sure were!

Chewed them to death. Poor hubby had no flip flops for a few weeks which wasn't good given the heatwave we've been experiencing. She even chewed my favorite pair of flip flops, too!

So, we naturally made sure that when we would leave, make sure there were no shoes at all on the floor. Just her good ole' chew toys.

What does she go for next?

Let's look closer shall we?

Ouch is the word. Everytime we pass by this area, we bow down in sadness. Sadness because our house is less than a year old and it already has some abuse to it.

To resolve this issue, we have purchased a bottle of Bitter Apple Spray. I've read mixed reviews about this stuff. Some say it helps and some say it didn't do a darn thing. I smelled the stuff and woooooooweee, this stuff goes straight to your head. You can smell the alcohol big time. I sure wouldn't eat the wall anymore if this stuff was on it. Hell no. Let's hope that it works for Maddie.

We also invested in some lawn spot spray for her urine. Dam dog won't pee on anything else BUT grass. What the heck? Guess what? Our front lawn is the only area that has grass and guess what? Our front lawn looks like shit! So embarrassing since we belong to an HOA. I'm just waiting for our sweet little ole letter to sanction us.

While we were at the petstore, we also purchased a poo poo bag holder and refillable bags. They were on sale, so why not? The zebra holder was pretty much the only one that was descent looking out of the bunch. Not much of a selection. Chose it because it matched well with her leash. Shuttup. I know.

I have to admit that I like the convenience of having this attached to her leash. Not having to worry about remembering to bring some plastic bags with us and not to mention, holding them in our hands or pockets.

I just don't like that it's not really eco-friendly. More plastic bags????

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Lisa Mani-Chang said...

Have you seen Marley & Me?

You should watch it if you haven't. =)

Reading your post totally makes me giggle because I know how you feel because I go through a lot of it with my dog too.

Maddie is so cute. =)