Monday, July 20, 2009

Renegade Craft Fair

The weekend couldn't have came any faster. I had a rough week at work. I could tell as I was one crabby girl. I was snappy. Tired. Acting like such a beezy who's been PMS'ing for years and I felt so bad for feeling that way.

Moreso, for the hubby. Gawd, he's such a patient, kind, and supportive spouse. Never once, did he lose his patience to my impatience. I know if the tables were turned, I'd probably react in a not-so-kind way. Ugh.

On Saturday, we got some much needed heat relief and spent the day in the city. It was a scorching 106 in Sacramento. Walking in 70 degree weather was such a welcoming relief to us.

We headed to the city to check out the Renegade Craft Fair. I was anticipating this fair for months. I'm an avid Etsy fanatic and so seeing booths that displayed products that are normally featured in Etsy made my heart pitter patter.

I gave myself a budget of $60. Spent that money really quick as most items were $20 and up. I think there was one item that I saw that was $8 and that was a cute vinyl wallet. I nearly purchased it, but came to reality and didn't get it. I didn't need another wallet.

What I did purchase was a screenprint that I think would look so cute in my downstairs bano. $20.

And, I couldn't resist not taking home this adorable handmade handbag. Holly Hua is the name of the artist and she didn't make it easy for me to choose which handbag to snag. $40.

Other things that appealed to me were these button earrings. Cute, no? They were $18 each. I nearly bought a pair, but then I decided to pass on them because I could probably get something like it at oh, I don't know, *cough* Forever 21 for half the price.

Oh, and these coin purses were screaming at me. Looking at these, really made me wish I payed more attention in my junior high home economics class.

I really wanted a beige handbag, but by the time I found, " the one," I already spent my $60. Boo. It didn't help that the hubby was right behind me reminding me that I did, too! F.

I thought these t-shirts were quirky, yet funny. Sadly, the hubs' style in t-shirts are not these. His style are hawaiian tshirts from the Hawaiian Island Creations shop, aka HIC.

or, anything Cal.

I wanted him to buy the shirt that said, " I got my taco from the taco truck in Los Angeles." Heh. Stupid, I know, but I it made me smile.

I really wanted these Anthropoligie'ish necklace holder. Adorable, yes? Looks like it could be something I could possibly recreate. Must get the BFF involved as she is a DIY'er professional.

Lastly, I loved, loved, loved these fabric necklaces.

I can't wait to attend this fair next year. Maybe I'll save up for it so that I can buy more stuff. Haha.

It's definitely a fair you guys should check out if it ever comes to your city or a city near you. It's so much fun and the vendors are so friendly. They are always chattin' it up!

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