Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our What?

Anything that is non related to clothes, shoes, hair, makeup, you have me at a lost. You'll get a furrowed brow look coupled with a deer in headlight look.

Our doorbell rings this morning and it's the Shea man. He's the guy that ensures everything is running okay in our community. I guess he said our house and the house behind us doesn't have a "stub" and would like to install one in our backyard.

Sure, I say! But.....what is a stub?

In my head, I'm thinking, " what the fock is this guy talking about?" Something about a nub?????

I knew right before he was about to explain that he was thinking, " stupid girl." Jeesh.

He explained it had to with water and if we wanted to have landscaping in our backyard, blah blah blah. Basically, I have no idea what the hell he just explained to me and hope that the hubs can look at it and say, " oh that, ok! here's what it is honey....."

So, may I present to you, our stub.

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stellar708 said...

How do I follow your blog? Usually there's a "follow" button on the top, but your page is too cool I guess. Lol. no really, it's effing cute.