Thursday, February 12, 2009

Here's Proof That I'm a Hog.

For the past couple of nights, I guess the hubs has been complaining to me that I've been hogging the blanket and leaving him in the cold. Woopsey! Ofcourse, I was in complete denial and thought he was fabricating the entire story just to get some wifey love.

Nope, the dude took it to another level and snagged a photo op. Ok, buddy, I see how it is. The next time you snore really loud, I'm going to record your a$$ and put it on play dub.

Saw these adorable printed tape. I want to buy one so bad! You can purchase them at But, honestly, I think I wouldn't use it because it's just so pretty to even use. Call me selfish like that.

1 comment:

Julie Q said...

ahhh i can't believe he took a picture! Thats pretty funny. but you do look so comfy! (i'm typing this while wearing a snuggie at the moment) lol