Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things On My Mind.

February has sure flown by. I know it's not quite over yet. But, the weeks have just flown by for me. Here's what I've been up to.

Became a sucker for Mel B's fitness video after seeing her on the Ellen Show the other day. All it took was, " I didn't want to go to the gym; just wanted to work out at home." That exact phrase had me logging onto and hitting " add to your cart". Now it's on its way.

The girl looks amazingly awesome after shedding 60 pounds of her pregnancy weight. 60 freakin' pounds, people!!! I especially love the fact that she uses items at home in place of dumbells if you don't have any. She uses items such as water bottles and canned goods. Heck, she even uses a freakin' broom! Genius! Genius!

Valentine's Day with the hubs was great! We dined at a small restaurant about an hour away from home called Taste. The town is named Plymouth. We were pretty much the only Asians in the restaurant, yet alone, minorities. Kinda awkward. But, we weren't treated any differently. I think. Locked lips on the most delicious wine. A 1997 Silver Oak. Ooh Baby! It was fan-freakin-tastic! Luckily, we have one more bottle left and we plan on breaking it open for our 1 year anniversary. Ugh. Did I say 1 year? I can't believe it's quickly coming up.

Booked our Hawaii trip. Last time we were in Hawaii was a couple of years ago. July 2006. Remember throwing a fit to the hubby that I am so tired of waiting and waiting and waiting for him to propose. I think it had to do with attending so many weddings that year and being surrounded by wives. The hell? Little did I know, he was about to propose a month later. Oopsey! Photo on the night we got engaged to the right. {hides face under blanket}

Still not finish with our green giant guest room. Ugh. I should have primer'd first. Dammit. Too freakin' lazy + cheap. Lagging on buying a second gallon of paint as I need to do a second coat and finish a 1/4 of the wall. I thought this project would be complete in a weekend. Hah. Should have known that I inherited my dad's genes of not completing work as planned. Mama would be proud.

Plans for the weekend: Tea time with some girls. Love playing tea house. Feel so dainty. Heh.

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