Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Since Christmas Day, I have just been on the go, go, go! Didn't get a chance to breathe or rest much.

Christmas Day was spent at my parents house. No traffic which was sooo sweet! It was lots of fun and lots of drinking. Heh. Brought Maddie over to meet her doggie cousins, but sadly, they didn't take a liking to her. Boo. {FYI: they were all boy dogs, and I was scared that she was going to be gang banged.}

How can any doggie not like this cutie pie?

Plus, my family was trying to rename her, especially my lovely brother who has two dogs that are named after rappers, Snoop and Biggie. He cleverly thought of the name Missy, short for Missy Elliot. Whatevs.

The day after Christmas, it was off to LA to spend time with the in laws. Had to quickly pack the morning of and hoped that all of my outfits that I packed went well or at all together. All the while, the hubby with his two duffel bags on each side hit the ironing board in which my jamba juice was sitting on top of and you guessed right.... spilled all over the spanking new carpet and all over the walls. Ick. Tried so hard to hold down my anger and say to myself, over and over, and over, that it was just an accident.

LA was fun but extremely full. We ate, drank, ate, and drank. Oh, and got to see Marley and Me. I was extremely excited to watch this movie just because I enjoyed reading the book. But, the theatre we went to cranked up the heater so high coupled with strong perfume roaming the air and I got nauseated to the point of me having to leave the theatre about 15 minutes prior to the movie ending.

Now, we are back at home trying to get back to the daily grind. Gonna spend NYE in SF at Jillian's. It's been a couple of years since I had NYE off so I'm quite excited! Hope everyone has a safe and great New Year's!

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