Saturday, December 6, 2008

I Want! I Need!

Been oohing and aahing over many yummy things. I just wish just for one day, or maybe two, I can go on an unlimited budget shopping spree. But for now, I'm being budget conscious and looking for items that I would love to have that is under $100.

Boots. Love the Ugg version, but these will suffice. Kenneth Cole, Knit for You boots. Cool price of $70.

Calendar. I'm usually not one for wanting a calendar. I used to when I worked in an office and had my own desk and what not. But, this time around, I want one, especially the one from Paper Source. Why? Well, when 2009 is over and done with, you can turn it over and find templates that you can cut + fold into pillow boxes, gift and/or hang tags, and file folers. Genius! Just pure genius!!! $26.95

Not a Paper Cup. I have a huge addiction to mugs. I must admit though, I have tapered down a bit. After moving and putting up all my mugs in the cabinet, I realized that, " shiz, I have way too many mugs!."

I have been heavily eyeing this mug, however for quite some time. I love the design of the " to go" mugs and gives yourself that illusion that you did spend $4 on that cappucino. But, wait, you didn't because you made it at home! Weeee!!! $22.50.

Okay, more items under $100 will soon to follow.

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