Sunday, November 16, 2008


I've been wanting a Mac {daddy}  for, like, ever! I'll have to admit, it's mostly because of the coolness factor. Yes, I said it! The coolness factor. 

Well, recently, my, " dude, you got a Dell" computer pooped out on me and I was in dire need of a computer this weekend as I'm preparing for the 2nd part of my advanced board 
exam. F. That's a topic I have yet to touch soon. 

Anyways, the hubs with his own apprehensions and great arguments {by the way} as to why we should NOT purchase a mac-daddy for me gave in to my wants. I heart you, hubby! *muah* Luckily, for him, I'm not a big techie. My only requirements was that it was cute and has internet capability. 

So, over the weekend, we marched right into the store and came out with the most adorable Mac-daddy. Err, should I be calling her, Mac-mamma?