Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Over the weekend, I participated in celebrating my sorority sister's, aka running buddy, baby shower.  It was held at her parents house and hosted by another one of my sorority sister who is her BFF.

No details were spared as her BFF did an excellent job in decorating the place, providing the yummy food, and creating the games.  Heck, Running Buddy even had a sash around her.

I gotta say that the diaper game where you melt chocolate candy bars in the diaper and guess what candy bar is in them was pretty hard. She pretty much got a few candy bars that looked the same. No Snickers, c'mon??? Guess what though? Appparently, I've been eating way too much candy because I knew what I was talking about! I won!

I won me some $5 Footlonooooooooooooong! Woo to the Hoo! Should come in handy when I'm broke as a joke and need me some lunch.

I gotta say that I loved all the various onsies hanging around the kitchen and family room. They were so cute!!! By the way, she's having a baby girl and honestly, girl clothing are way more cuter than boys. I had the hardest time choosing which outfits to buy her. I wanted to buy Baby A every single item I saw!!!

There was so much yummy little finger foods. My personal fave. The homemade potstickers which were running buddy's grandma's recipe. Her grandma gave her the secret recipe and not her mom. Hah. Gotta love that story and awww at the same time that she would give it to her only granddaughter. Running Buddy... do you take orders?

I had a great time spending time with everyone and showering Baby A with plenty of gifts.  If you guys are interested, you can follow Running Buddy's pregnancy journey here.

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