Friday, January 15, 2010

Dinner last night was a success! We actually invited a few guests over because one of them was living in the Phillippines for about a year. There's a slight chance that he may return back to the homeland and thus, we won't be able to see him for God knows how long again.

The hubs and I made Japanese Curry and Pork Tonkatsu. All of our guests had never before had the pleasure of eating Japanese Curry so they were really looking forward to the treat.  Unlike, Southern California, Japanese Curry is not really known up in Northern California. I think the closest Curry House is in Cupertino, Ca.

While making dinner, some of us enjoyed a glass or two of some really good white wine. I decided to open up a bottle that one of our good friends gifted us over the Holidays. It was a bottle of 2008 Blackstone Malvasia Bianca, Limited Release. If you like slightly sweet wines, then you may like this one, too! 

Post dinner, we enjoyed some hot tea and coffee and ofcourse some Ginger Elizabeth chocolates. It's a little chocolate shop that opened up in midtown Sacramento a few years ago. Cute chocolate boutique. Any woman would do a double take whenever they pass this store.  

I've been dying, quite literally, to get my butt over there to try and sample a few of their stuff. But, I could just never make it over there. Thankfully, one of our friends brought over a little brown box of chocolates for all of us to sample and enjoy our coffee/tea with.  Oooh, I think I was teased with a bit of heaven. Indeed, yes. 

I just wished that last night's dinner was on a weekend night so that we all could have stayed much longer and gabbed about anything and everything through the night.  Cheers!

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