Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Friday!

There's nothing better than realizing that you don't have to work this coming Monday. I have a set schedule at work and the days prior to me having my 7 day days off, I work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Well, I forgot that I had to rearrange some days in my set schedule and so in the month of September, I work Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Yes, it cuts my 7 days off by one day, but who cares? I don't work Mondays in the month of September. Isn't that better?

This weekend, I'm excited to try out a fancy schmancy Filipino restaurant, called Intramuro's. It's in the heart of the Filipino community which is South San Francisco.

My family tries to have a cousin get together at least once a year and we were finally able to set a date after months of exchanging emails.

I'm very interested to see how their Bibingka souffle tastes like. See, I told you this restaurant is fancy! Normally, this dessert, which is a Filipino cake is made on a sheet pan and is cut up into squares or diamonds if you are like my grandma. Sometimes, you'll see it at Filipino stores baked in banana leaves for aesthetic purposes.

We are also attending one of our friend's daughter's red egg party. He's one of G's good friends and fraternity brother. Yay for free Chinese food that is good! Yeah, I said it.

Other than that, will be relaxing and enjoying the weekend. What are your plans? Anything fun? Or are you just going to relax and take it easy?

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