Thursday, August 20, 2009

Life and Motivation.

I'm going to certainly try my hardest to write what I have been feeling for a few years now. The frustrations I felt when talking with some people. The wonder of what it really takes for someone to fight their emotions of fear, failing, making changes, setting personal goals rather than have pipe dreams.

It's so easy for one to dream and think about the " what if's" in life. You can talk about what you'd like to do in life or what you wished you've done in life but didn't. But, how can one even talk about the " what if's" in life when one doesn't even try to go in unchartered territory? I totally understand the feeling safe attitude and being in a comfort zone. However, when does one say, enough is enough? When does one obtain the motivation and courage to take steps in order to reach their personal goals?

Why doesn't one, sometimes, want to crave that feeling of being challenge? Does it stem from the way they were raised?

Our mental emotions has so much power over us. It's amazing how different it affects various people. How it causes that person to create excuses and have them actually believe those excuses to be very true and thus convince themselves that, really, they just can't do this or that right now. How it can create an overwhelming motivation for that person that all they see is attaining that goal that they set.

It's just amazing and this subject shall be continued.....

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