Monday, May 31, 2010

No BBQ Memorial Weekend

No BBQ's this weekend for us. But it was definitely a weekend filled with lots of gatherings with friends and family. 

First, we celebrated one of our good friend's 40th birthday. During the day, he drove up to Tahoe to do a 72 mile bike ride. Can I say awesome? It was safe to say that he was starving when he returned and what a better way to end a 72 mile ride with a rib eye steak with baked potatoes and veggies. I had every intention to have a hamburger as I was really craving a burger, but ended up ordering a rib eye too! 

The next day, it was my turn to finally watch the Sex and the City, Part Deux movie with my lovely girlfriends. I was dying from seeing all the Facebook updates from friends saying that they were seeing the movie and loved it! I couldn't wait until it was my turn! 

We had sushi, bellini's, and shared great laughs. Love me some girl time. I don't think I've laughed so much and so loud in a long time, despite the disappointing probing of the restaurant. Can you believe that they had the balls to call me 15 minutes before our reservations to see if we were still coming as they had another party of 7 people that needed a table. WTH? Really?

Oh! I can't forget to say that Wingwoman made a special surprise appearance! I couldn't believe it! I was so ecstatic that she came along. I haven't seen her since her  raunchy bachelorette party. 

On Sunday, we celebrated my little brother's 26th birthday by noshing on garlic steak sandwiches, fried ravioli's, and farmville conversations. Gotta love, Facebook to bring a family together, yes?

How was your Memorial Weekend?

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