Wednesday, May 26, 2010

All Natural

Believe it or not, I had my very first visit to a Whole Foods during our trip to the coast. We have a couple of Whole Foods near us, but I never felt the need to go there especially since it's very expensive and I get my satisfaction from Trader Joe's. 

I decided to pick up a couple of dinner items to eat while I watched the infamous LOST finale. The husband and I are still debating about the ending and its theories associated. We can't help ourselves. I love it! Any LOST fans out there? What are your thoughts?

Oh, as I digress. Getting back to Whole Foods. Ahh yes. So I wanted to purchase a couple of items for my dinner. I remember reading a  review about Whole Foods and their wonderful tasting natural honey roasted peanut butter. It wasn't a  high praising review, but for some reason, it clenched my curiosity and I just had to swoop up one!

I didn't get the opportunity to run the peanuts threw the intimidating machine, but I was able to snag an already pre-packed one. 

Yesterday morning, the hubs decides to make himself a peanut butter and jelly toasted sandwich for his breakfast and I remembered that we bought the au natural peanut butter. I was ecstatic to try it, and man, oh, man, this stuff was gooooooooood!!! 

What I love most about this peanut butter, or natural peanut butter in general is that it has no preservatives, but what I dislike about it is that it is pretty expensive! 

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