Thursday, November 6, 2008

Weekly Update

What a week this has been. Lots of memories running through my mind that I know I will be remembering my entire lifetime. Such an awesome and riveting experience to be able to witness a historical moment. I am ready for change.

Bummer that I was at work on election day. Had to celebrate alone. Kinda felt how Elizabeth Hasselback feels when she's constantly defending her political party's on The View. It's quite frustrating especially when the other people make the conversation and not yourself.

Passed the first half of my registry exam. So freaking excited. I couldn't contain myself! One more exam and I'm done! I'm free!

Saw this adorable cowl neck warmer on Creature Comforts. Oh, how I wish I can knit such a fabulous find. It's a shame for me that it's $90. Dam. Here's to hoping that I'll get my raise soon.

Still find that I'm attracted to our wedding colors. I thought, for sure, that I'd be sick of the colors post wedding reception. Guess not! I am itching to paint one of our bedrooms a chartreuse green. It just screams alive! Are some of you still attracted to your wedding colors?

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