Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sandwich of the Week!

The hubs and I are pretty into eating gourmet sandwiches. When we started using our panini presser, we used it for days. We would think of various ways to make a mean tasting grilled cheese sandwich. Experimented with pears, various cheeses, breads. You name it. I think we narrowed our choices of bread to ciabatta and sourdough exclusively.

A few week ago, we were wondering what to have for dinner that evening. I had a plan of just making lasagna, but honestly, we weren't really feeling lasagna that night. When we saw Giada's, pork and fontina cheese sandwiches that afternoon, I think we both knew what we wanted for dinner.
Not your best picture. Darn iPhone doesn't have a flash. But, dammit, this sandwich was absolutely-finger-lickin-smack-your-lips- delicious!

The lemon and basil aoili added a refreshing and kick to the sandwich. I think that was pretty the main star of the sandwich besides the soft texture of the ciabatta bread. Oh, and the creaminess of the fontina cheese. Perfect blend, I tell yah!

I highly suggest you try this sandwich out the next time you are wondering what it is to eat for dinner or even lunch! It's super easy and cheap, too!

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