Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Feels like October is just flying by. I can't believe it's already mid month. It probably has alot to do with so many events going on this month. Lots of birthdays, a wedding, a marathon, landscapers, etc. The list is endless!

So far, I celebrated the hubby's birthday down in so cal. We had a dinner with close friends planned at Michael Mina's XIV that was a disappointment from the get go. If you are looking for a Vegas like social environment with "okay" tasting food and don't care about customer service than this is the place for you. But, if you prefer a dinner that is elegant, quiet and has GREAT food with excellent customer service, then pass on this establishment. Trust me.

Going to Disneyland that weekend did make up for the disastrous birthday dinner though. Love to have friends that get in places for free! Thank you Ediboo for using your work benefits. I couldn't pass up on the Mickey bling. When I saw people walking around with headbands, I said, " I could sport those!" Plus, Ediboo gets 30% off the merchandise, so I took full advantage!

Disneyland was all decked out for Halloween. Haunted house was already decorated with the Nightmare Before Christmas theme, too! I've seen it before, but it's always nice to go through it again, despite the 60 minute wait time. Yes, 60 minute wait time and that was at alot of the popular rides. Space Mountain was 90 minutes.

Shopping for a costume as I'm attending a costume party for one of my coworkers/friend's birthday bash. I'm thinking of doing the whole slutty girl scout girl. If only I bought some girl scout cookies though so that I could use the cookies as a prop to make myself look more legit. Hah. Are any of you getting dressed up for Halloween?

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