Monday, November 23, 2009

Turkey Day is fast approaching.

Last year, since we just purchased our first home and got married that year, we figured, why not host a Thanksgiving mealat our house. I didn't realize how much work goes into hosting a Thanksgiving feast. Like, I REALLY didn't realize. So much cooking and cleaning and good Lord, the post cleaning and the impaction of your refrigerator. Good God! How does one stay sane?

During the week of, we did a lot of cutting and cleaning. It didn't help much either that I had to work majority of that week,too! The night before, the hubs and I prepped the turkey with the whole brining method and hoping for the best that it turns out ok. It was our first time preparing and cooking a turkey and so you can say we were a bit nervous of what the outcome would be since, afterall, it is the main star of the meal!

This year, Thanksgiving is "thankfully" at my parents house. It's usually is and has been for many, many years at their house. Phew! Took the pressure off of us. Plus, I'm glad it's back at their house as their house is a midway point for everyone. Poor family last year had to endure a 3 hour drive up to Sacramento at a snail pace. I handed them a beer once they came through the door as they looked like they needed one.

I can't wait to see my family as it's always quite the fun event. We drink, play games, watch tv, sing karaoke, talk, gossip, and just pretty much lounge and enjoy each others company.

Where's Thanksgiving for you this year? Will you be hosting it at your house? Are you making any entrees, appetizers, desserts for Thanksgiving?

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Julie Q said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean! We've had a couple parties at my house since we've moved in, and I still have to figure out how not to get buzzed off of 2 glasses of wine during appetizers, because you still have to function to put out the rest of the food. hahaha i sound like a really fun chick to party wtih now. right? lol

Happy Thanksgiving!